smithy granite in machine

smithy granite in machine

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The machine that Dave is using for demonstration purposes is the Granite MAX 1324. This lathe-mill-drill combo machine sets the standard for premium quality bench top machine tools. Putting a combination machine tool in your shop allows you to have the capabilities of a small machine shop without sacing too much floor space.

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Jul 17, 2014· Smithy's seem to be something that nobody ever wants to talk about. I bought a Smithy Granite 1324 brand new because I needed a machine that could go to work right out of the box and make some parts. Space was very limited and I had no room for two machines. The Smithy did all that it was advertised to do.

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Apr 09, 2015· I purchased a used 1324 Granite machine about ten years ago. I think it was built new in the late nineties. The machine sees very little use (8-40 hours a year) and is in great condition. However for the second time in the last three years, I have lost (burned out) the motor control board, when turning large diameter work pieces at low rpm.

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SMITHY Granite 1340 lathe3 in 1Milling - Drilling - Lathe turningThe 3 in 1 lathe - lathe table - around 1200 in tools - 4 heads. This machine is gently used. Perfect condition.120 voltage PRICE REDUCED 3200.00Item is available for local pickup only at buyer`s expense.Call for more information

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HI, everyone. I am doing a project and need a small lathe an mill I looked at the Smithy Granite Max machine I know they made cheap machines earlier but this looks like a very sturdy machine with lots of good features like D14 camlok a 2 hp variable speed dc motor and 13 ins. throat clearance on the mill head They are not cheap though, about the same money would buy the Grizzly 12x24 lathe an ...

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Jun 07, 2017· I recently aquired a Smithy Granite 1324 3-1. I need help-if anyone can do that-in telling me how to break down the machine for moving it. I was told I could remove 4 bolts and the alignment pins and the mill/drill head will lift right off but, I tried that and it just seems like it does not want to break free. Any help would be much appreciated.

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smithy has been providing home and small job shops high quality bench top machinery since 1989. our well known 3 in 1 lathe-mill-drills are warranty for two years with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Apr 15, 2001· The Smithy CB1220XL, like many of its competitors comes with only the most basic of tooling. My machine came with a 5" three jaw chuck, two dead centers, a drill chuck and mandril with drawbar, an mill holder with two end mills, tilting drill vise, and a …

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Jun 16, 2010· Now on the other side I have owned a Smithy Granite 1324 for 10 + years and have been able to do all the gunsmithing work I have needed with a little creative setup. I have had some issues with my Smithy but they have greatly improved that machine I believe in 2003 or 2004.

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Jan 21, 2005· I bought a Smithy, but I got the BZ-239 Lathe. not a combo machine. The primary reason was the fact that they have financing. I had also noted that if you have room, you can get the BZ-239, and a small mill, both with the same capacity as the big combo machine, for a …


Smithy GRANITE 1300 SERIES Operator's Manual ... Machine Maintenance Schedule Overview To keep your Smithy Granite machine running at optimum performance, follow this basic maintenance schedule: Before Each Use Make sure your work area is clean and free of all obstructions. Clear machine cross-slide table, bed ways and tool post of all chips ...

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SMITHY SUPERSHOP 10 IN 1 WOOD AND METAL SHOP MACHINE W/ATTACHMENTS - $1500 (BRUCE, WI) HEAVY DUTY SUPER SHOP LIKE NEW, MANY ATTACHMENTS HAVE NEVER BEEN USED.Table saw, Belt/disc sander, drill press, band saw, jointer, wood and metal lathe,milling machine attachment, many other tools and accessories included.Operators and instruction manuals.

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Congratulations on the purchase of your Smithy Granite machine. We welcome you to the Smithy family. Smithy strives to provide you with the best in machine tools. Please read through this manual carefully to ensure that you get the most out of your Granite 3-in-1 lathe-mill-drill.


This page is dedicated to describing a "ground-up" conversion of Smithy 1220LTD, 3-in-1 machine. It shows a complete process of the conversion. This has taken about 6 months of calendar time (not effort), and should you decide to do something similar, expect to spend $2000-$2500 for CNC portion.

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Machine Tools by Smithy & Automate CNC. High quality Mills and Lathes, engineered in the United States.

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Jul 27, 2002· Smithy no longer sells this model but grizzly has a very similar machine, the G9729 with a longer bed on the lathe. The biggest shortcoming of the 3 in 1 machines is the constant setting up and breaking down set-ups from lathe to mill or vice versa. Right now I have my machine set-up for a milling job with the mill vise indicated in.

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Shop a large range of lathe mill drill combination smithy lathe parts at MSC Industrial Supply. MSC Industrial supply is here to support all your metalworking and maintenance repair needs with over 1 million products in stock and ready to ship today!

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Smithy Lathe Mill Combo NEW Granite XT MAX Ultimate Home Machine Shop 110V or 220V 2HP. The Granite XT MAX Lathe Mill Combo is the first choice for home or small repair shops. Added safety features and improvements make the Granite XT MAX Lathe Mill Combo the most powerful and versatile combo tool even better.

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smithy has been providing home and small job shops high quality bench top machinery since 1989. our well known 3 in 1 lathe-mill-drills are warranty for two years with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Jul 21, 2010· Smithy Granite 1324 Max After I had decided to purchase one of the 1324 Granite 3-in-1 machines I called Smithy and they were very good to deal with. I wanted to pay cash for the machine but the purchase price was above the daily limit of my debit card. Smithy set it up to be paid over a 2 day period with no headaches.

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in one quality machine! All nine Smithy Granite machines are 3-in-1 Lathe-Mill-Drills. ... Smithy Granite 1340 MX on the opposite page has a 13” swing and 40” between centers. Swing ... Jim made 28 bowls on his Smithy. Smithy ® Combo 3-in-1 Lathe•Mill•Drill.

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Oct 31, 2013· I'm looking into buying a "Smithy granite 1340 max" any advice? I know having two machines is better than an mill/lathe combo machine but i just don't have the room. Does anyone have this machine or any experience with one? ANY advice is well appreciated.

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Sep 04, 2016· The smithy does seem to have a very easy way to do the switch and appears to be decent from looking at online vids. Although I have my forms approved my life is crazy at the moment so I'm still waffling between a mini, smithy granite or go all in with cnc.

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Dec 10, 2017· I looked hard at the Smithy Granite 1340 IMax partially out of nostalgia (remember seeing the Smithy Machines advertised in Popular Mechanics years ago). After reading all the reviews, watching all the videos I could find and talking with Smithy, I came to the conclusion I would not be happy with the 3 in 1 due to overall robustness of the machine.

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The Smithy is versatile and capable of doing most of what I need. x Used Smithy Granite MAX Combo Lathe Mill Drill, Mdl. Granite Video Photos Detroit Machine Tools - Smithy I ve had a Smithy Granite for two or three years it s a nice machine.

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Jan 22, 2008· Board index The Home Machinist! 3-in-1 Metalworking Machines Smithy Granite 1324 Replacement Motor This forum is dedicated to those hobbyists with the 3-in-1 metalworking machines.

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The Granite 1340 is the extra long next-generation multipurpose machine built to light industrial standards. Its features and performance set it apart from all the rest and set a new standard in combination lathe-mill-drill machines.

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Granite 1324 Lathe & Milling maschine Used in Carbon Fiber Workshop to produce parts for molding and mechnics Chinese Reseller auf American Machine Smithy Grantie 1324 Sale because business is closing! Swing 330mm over bed, 190mm over table Distance between centers: 990 mm

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Nov 13, 2001· Smithy Granite 1324 vs. 1340 Showing 1-10 of 10 messages. Smithy Granite 1324 vs. 1340: RFrank1234: 11/3/01 12:04 PM: I am new to metalworking and I am looking at purchasing a Smithy 1324 or 1340 machine. Are these good machines to learn on? Also should I buy the the extended 39" lathe found on the 1340? Is it common to run pieces larger than

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When you own a Smithy Granite or Midas 3-in-1, you are part of the growing number of craftsmen all across North America that are enjoying the benefits of own...

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The Granite 1340 is the extra long next-generation multipurpose machine built to light industrial standards. Its features and performance set it apart from all the rest and set a new standard in combination lathe-mill-d

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Used Smithy Granite MAX Combo Lathe & Mill & Drill 13″ x 24″ Used Smithy Granite MAX Combo Lathe & Mill & Drill, Mdl. 1324 MX, 2 Axis Smithy DRO, Tool Post & Holders, Stand With Casters, Harvest Drill, Bed Clamp Sets, Extra Compound with 4 Way Tool Post, Drill Chuck and Arbor, 3 Jaw Chuck, Live Center, Chuck For Milling Head, #A2943

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Jan 16, 2014· Woodworking 10-in-1 SMITHY SUPERSHOP - Horizontal Boring Machine - VXV As usual I am using foam board and balsa wood for the main structure Woodworking 10-in-1 SMITHY SUPERSHOP - R-8 Collet