cast stone manufacturing process

cast stone manufacturing process

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The manufacturing process. For Haddonstone (semi-dry cast limestone), the materials involved in this are limestone, white cement, sand, a small amount of water along with some secret ingredients. This mix produces the Portland color – for other colors, pigment is added. We have two other materials as well: TecStone (wet-cast limestone) and TecLite (fibre-reinforced).

Dry-Cast Manufacturing: Thin Masonry Veneer Evolution

By developing the revolutionary dry‐cast manufacturing process, Oldcastle both streamlined production and created a superior product. This dry‐cast method begins by scanning natural stone with a new innovative process and turning those scans into patented mold technology, which has a significantly longer life span than latex or rubber.

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Our cast stone fireplace mantels are elegant and yet affordable. We combine classic design with modern manufacturing to deliver high quality cast stone mantels with the look and feel of natural stone.

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Each size of planter has a specific mold that we use in the manufacturing process. In the casting process, chopped fiberglass strands are mixed with concrete and poured into the molds to produce a flawless finished look every time. Unlike traditionally cast stone…

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Feb 21, 2011· A profile of the cast stone manufacturer Stone Legends and an interview with the owner and general manager, Richard Carey. ... Cast Stone Manufacturing - Factory Tour Video ... Artificial marble ...


The process of designing jewelry has relied on hand drawn sketches and hand carved wax models for years. While these methods are still used by some designers, 3D printers, CAM (computer aided manufacturing), and CAD (computer aided design) programs can greatly simplify the design process and reduce the time it takes to produce these prototypes.

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Aug 01, 2013· The patented Bretonstone technology, properly referred to as a “compaction by vibrocompression vacuum process,” uses elastomeric molds in which a crushed stone/resin mix is cast on a moving belt. Natural stone aggregate — usually specific types of minerals, such as quartz, or waste rock from quarries — is combined with a small amount of ...

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Casting is a manufacturing process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape, and then allowed to solidify.The solidified part is also known as a casting, which is ejected or broken out of the mold to complete the process.Casting materials are usually metals or various time setting materials that cure after mixing two or more ...

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The advantage of manufacturing both products allows us to offer our customers the highest quality at an affordable price. Cast stone has few design limitations and is virtually maintenance free. These factors along with the detailed design options and steel reinforcement are advantages over natural cut stone.

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Olde World Cast Stone was established in 1991 to provide high quality stonework product to architects, builders and homeowners. Olde World Cast Stone has been a customer of Kraft Energy Systems since 2002. Olde World Cast Stone’s dedication to a quality product and process, led them to search for a curing method other than the industry ...

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The British Standard definition for cast stone is ‘any material made with natural aggregates and a cementitious binder that is intended to resemble and be used in a similar way to natural stone’. The wet cast stone manufacturing process provides a close grained, smooth and dense surface, which offers precise rendering of fine detail.

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NextStone™ Canada . Manufactured with specially formulated polyurethane and combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors, NextStone™ insulated stone siding is cast from actual stone and rock patterns. Our unique manufacturing process gives NextStone™ products the most authentic "faux" stone siding look on the market today.

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Midwest Cast Stone. Midwest Cast Stone leads the industry in cast stone solutions. We work with architects, contractors, stone masons and individuals to bring their vision to life – all within budget and on time. We provide the most long-lasting, high-quality and cost-efficient custom cast stone options to complete the job.

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Architectural Precast uses a process that simulates natural stone thus enabling designers, architects, and engineers to create custom products for your home in many colors and finishes that will last a lifetime. Whether you need fountains, fireplace surrounds, columns, balustrades, window and trim f

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Miller-Mize Precast products use architectural precast concrete and a specialized process called cast stone. Both of these manufacturing processes have their own unique strengths and advantages to the designer to enable them to custom fit their functional and aesthetic requirements.

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Through a precise molding process, Cast Natural Stone faithfully replicates the shape, size, texture, and color of natural stone. It captures the premium stone look that is ideal for remodeling projects and new construction. Our accessories are the perfect way to finish off your stone project.

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Custom cast stone architectural products, fireplace surrounds and mantels, and landscaping and hardscaping items for residential installations, including columns, door and window surrounds, sills, balustrades, railings, wall caps, pool coping, pavers, fountains, fireplaces, pots and planters, benches, tables, and mailboxes from 101 Cast Stone, Atascadero, CA

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This is an affordable option that is very customizable. Precast or man-made stone is another term used to describe it as well as GFRC. Installation is made easier due to our manufacturing process. It is easy to maintain while having a real limestone or travertine look and feel. Our cast stone is made from limestone giving it a real stone look.

The Differences Between Wet Cast And Dry Cast Pavers

Jun 28, 2018· The Manufacturing Process The main difference between wet cast and dry cast pavers really lies within the manufacturing process. As its name would imply, wet cast concrete is quite liquid. It has a high slump, which gives it the ability to be poured from a mixer, hopper, or truck. (Slump is a relative measurement in concrete consistency.

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Cast Stone Institute ® producer members must also undergo the recertification process every two years. The results of this self-governing association of producers include consistently high product quality, through continuous improvement in manufacturing methods and materials, and the assurance that Cast Stone Institute members are “on the ...


dimension made with the same materials, concrete mix design, manufacturing process, and curing method, conducted in accordance with Test Method C426 and within 24 months of production of the units. Refrain from installing units until they have been cured to Cast Stone Institute specifications. ... The Cast Stone Institute (CSI) is a not-for ...

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Only the finest quality materials and workmanship go into the manufacturing of our architectural products. Each product is hand crafted and carefully inspected and monitored during the manufacturing process to ensure the unsurpassed quality and customer service our customers have come to expect from us. Pristine Cast Stone 900 Sids Road ...

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Cast stone can be made from white and/or grey cements, manufactured or natural sands, crushed stone or natural gravels, and colored with mineral coloring pigments. Cast stone may replace such common natural building stones as limestone, brownstone, sandstone, …

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Comparison – Cast Stone Veneer vs. Precast Concrete Each individual MeltonStone Cast Stone ashlar block is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to make sure it has the quality, detail, finish and appearance our customers have come to expect from fine cast stone …

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Manufactured with specially formulated polyurethane and combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors, NextStone insulated stone siding panels and accessories are cast from actual stone and rock patterns. Our unique manufacturing process gives NextStone products the most authentic faux stone siding look on the market today.

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Cast Stone Institute Quality at Affordable Prices. Each individual piece of MeltonStone Cast Stone is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to make sure it has the quality, detail, finish and appearance our customers have come to expect from fine architectural products by Melton Classics.

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As members of the Cast Stone Institute, our manufacturing processes maintain strict guidelines and adhere to specified criteria regarding manufacturing process, material strength, absorption, and …

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The genesis of Artemis Cast Stone lies in giving a dynamic, environment-friendly touch to the traditional use of cast stone. We are the first ones in India specialising in use of dust and waste from mines and quarries to create stronger architectural, landscaping & interior precision products using cast …

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With our special wet cast process, we can replicate complicated designs with great clarity, and at a price that cannot be matched for carved stone fireplace mantels. Fully cured, our cast stone fireplace surrounds will have compression strength of over 6,500 pounds, twice that of standard concrete.

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Welcome to 101 Cast Stone. 101 Cast Stone specializes in the production of high-quality, custom cast stone products that serve as architectural features, trim, ornamentation, and facing for buildings. We also manufacture a full line of fireplace surrounds and mantels in a wide variety of styles to match any décor.

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This Guide gives general information on Cast Stone, its uses, cost, advantages and limitations.For more information on how Cast Stone measures up to other products, consult our Cast Stone comparison sheet. Definition: Cast Stone is a highly refined architectural precast concrete building stone manufactured to simulate natural cut stone.

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Dec 24, 2015· Colour matching and mixing is an especially critical part of the process to make cast stone products, because there are a number of key factors we have to take into account. Firstly, there are the ...


Cast stone tops are produced in a molding process consisting of a co-polymer mixture of sand, high grade mortar, and a unique “binding resin system”. Our manufacturing process allows different variation of color, wood surfaces, and various degrees of texture. Our manufacturing facility is located in Alabama and can meet delivery times of 30 ...